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NEACTC Partners With Arkansas State Univ.
Jonesboro - NEACTC and Arkansas State University are partnering to offer concurrent credit through A-State in Computer Repair, Networking, and Security.  The course is being co-taught by Brent Wheaton of Jonesboro and Dr. Russell Jones of A-State.

The agreement was inked in December after multiple discussions.

"Actually the idea to offer concurrent credit came from Dr. Russell Jones, Chair of the Accounting and Computer Information Technology Department at Arkansas State University.  Dr. Jones is on the combined advisory board for the Computer Repair, Mobile Apps, and Drones programs and stated that he would be willing to offer concurrent credit in our Computer Repair and Mobile Apps programs of study," noted 
NEACTC Director Eddie Crain.  Jones made the comments while attending the fall advisory board luncheon held at NEACTC.

The rest is history as the story goes.  This spring, students holding a high school GPA of 2.5 and either an ACT Aspire 428 reading score or an ACT composite and reading score of 19 each are eligible to enroll through Arkansas State University for concurrent credit.  Students will receive three hours of college credit in CIT Telecommunications and Networking for successfully completing the course.  Students also receive up to three hours of high school credit at the same time for its successful completion.

Crain noted the benefits of concurrent credit in the course.  "Students will have several options with concurrent credit.  The hours can likely be used as elective hours if students decide to major in something other than Information Technology and also, if they enroll at another university, more than likely the credits are transferable between higher ed institutions."

This fall, students meeting A-State eligibility requirements in the Mobile Apps program of study at NEACTC will be eligible for concurrent credit as well.  Details are being formalized.

A-State's Dr. John Seydel may co-teach the coding class in conjunction with Dave Holbrook, who also teaches drones (UAS) at NEACTC.

Students have an additional benefit to enroll in the Mobile Apps and Computer Repair classes at NEACTC as well.  High school students can earn their computer science required credit by passing either Mobile Apps or Computer Repair at NEACTC. 

NEACTC Enrollment Spikes Upward
Jonesboro - NEA Career & Technical Center has posted gains in student enrollment for the fourth consecutive year.

NEACTC Director Eddie Crain notes that, "It takes effort from every single member of our staff and the cooperation of our partner school district administrators for continued growth in our enrollment."  Crain attributed growth to partner schools that send their students by grade level to the center for spring tours.  "Those students are usually amazed at the opportunities that exist at our center."

Faculty and staff at NEACTC also does an excellent job in promoting the merits of their individual programs of study during those tours.  
hburg2And, it really helps when our partner schools, "Open up their gyms and auditoriums so that our staff members can begin the process of recruiting their students with a look at what is offered at NEACTC."

Student Affairs Counselor Sherry Bookout says that she truly appreciates area counselors collaborating with her to provide opportunities for area students to attend the center for specialized training.  "They work with me to set tour dates, they help me arrange times when Mr. Crain and I come to their schools to speak to their students, and they really spend time to schedule their students so that they can attend our center.  I think we all work together extremely well.  And, it really is appreciated."

NEACTC serves students attending from four Northeast Arkansas counties representing 13 area school districts:  Bay, Brookland, Buffalo Island Central, Greene County Tech, Harrisburg, Hoxie, Jonesboro, Nettleton, Paragould, Riverside, Valley View, Westside, and Walnut Ridge.