Northeast Arkansas Career & Tech Center is accepting applications for the following positions:

1. Advertising, Graphic Design, A/V Film Instructor

To apply for a position in the Jonesboro School District, please visit the Jonesboro Public School website at www.jonesboroschools.net.

Jonesboro Public Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


1. Advertising, Graphic Design, A/V Film Instructor Job Description
Salary: Based on salary schedule for Jonesboro Public Schools
-Arkansas Department of Education teaching license, Arkansas Career Education technical permit, and/or willingness to obtain required license and/or permit.
-Training in and knowledge of the majority of the following areas:
-Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, various programs for multimedia/video editing
-Proficiency using Mac, iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air computers
-Proficiency using variety of video and photo cameras, wireless and wired microphones, nonlinear video editing
-Ability to use and operate flatbed scanners, large format printers & digital cameras
Job Requirements:
Program Coordination

-Coordinate and supervise all aspects of the advertising, graphic design, A/V film program of study
-Participate in course development, assessment, accreditation and planning activities
-Recruit and retain students in the advertising, graphic design, A/V film program of study
-Responsible for training to ensure that students obtain appropriate business/industry certifications
-Create a safe, positive environment conducive to learning and appropriate for the physical, social, and emotional development of students
-Meet the physical demands of teaching
-Creating lesson plans to align instruction with expected outcomes, submitted on time
-Coordinate purchase of equipment & supplies; seek donated materials & machinery from business and industry partners
-Instruct, foster and model skills and abilities needed to be employed in industry, including application process, interviewing, teamwork, communication skills, employability skills, certifications, etc.
-Willing to participate and seek opportunities for student competitions at various locations where overnight travel will likely be necessary and required supervision of all students at all times
Community Involvement
-Create positive relationships and collaborate with numerous business and industry partners, community, parents, students, teachers, administrators and other stakeholders
-Establish and maintain open communication with all stakeholders through a variety of interpersonal, verbal, written and technological mediums
-Invite and coordinate guest speakers, tours, job-shadowing, mock interviews, internship, apprenticeship and other opportunities for students in advertising, graphic design, A/V film program of study
Professional Development
-Attend and receive training in areas of instruction with overnight travel required
-Participate in on-going training to enhance professional skills & acquire knowledge of most current methods & techniques
Professional Responsibilities
-Maintain and keep records of inventory, budget, and district assets used in advertising, graphic design, A/V film program of study
-Service and upkeep of all inventory in advertising, graphic design, A/V film program of study
-Adapt to policies, procedures, culture and expectations of Jonesboro Public Schools (JPS)
-Maintain confidentiality
-Perform job functions with trust, integrity, courtesy, enthusiasm and a commitment to excellence
-Demonstrate regular and prompt attendance
-Be an active and supportive contributor to JPS and NEACTC academic initiatives
-Collaborate with JPS and NEACTC staff colleagues and administrators