Director's Message
Career and technical education.  E_CSimply stated, we hold the keys to the future of our great nation.

In the coming 10+ years, we must join hands to provide the greatest learning opportunities for every student enrolled at our center--and in EVERY CTE course, because quite honestly, we do not have enough skilled and technical workers to supply American business and industry with the skills needed.  Scary indeed, but a challenge we must accept in order to meet the demands of the global marketplace.

Recently, I had one of the most enlightening experiences as an administrator, and that was attending SkillsUSA state competition at Hot Springs.  As I moved about the arena, I witnessed the creative abilities and skills acquired by students across our great state.  You could sense the excitement and the competitive spirit in the air.  Your NEA Career and Tech Center was well represented as 11 students placed in state competition: 3 won state championships, five placed as runnerup to the state champions, and an additional trio of students placed third in the state.  Not bad when you consider some 2,000 students competed in the daylong impressive event.  The following morning when awards were announced, it was one exciting announcement after another, "Representing the Northeast Arkansas Career and Technical Center, the gold medal goes to (NEACTC student name)."  How exciting I must say.

We have so many great things to offer.  We partner with Arkansas State University Newport for concurrent credit, which is offered to students at no cost to students or parents while enrolled at our center.  State of the art programs of study and solid, skills-based courses offer national certifications to our students.

Encourage your student to learn more about career and technical education.  We hold the keys to the future.  As one of our graphic arts students coined for a student-created and designed Career and Tech Center promotional brochure, "Technically, everyone needs us."  I could not have better stated that myself.

We look forward to seeing you in our center soon.


Eddie Crain