Criminal Justice

Criminal JusticeAHA

The Criminal Justice program introduces students to occupations in law enforcement and in the US criminal justice system. The program is taught by an experienced police officer and provides an inside, in-depth study of law, arrests, handcuffing, traffic stops, and the crime scene. Guest speakers offer much insight into actual positions in the local community where knowledge of law will be of future benefit.

Courses offered in the Criminal Justice program of study are open to students in grades 10 through 12 and two to three credits may be awarded in the following courses: Introduction to Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement I, and Law Enforcement II.  Concurrent college credit is available.

Certifications include CPR training.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students in Criminal Justice are held to a higher standard of conduct because of the sensitive nature of the course. Students involved in gangs, illegal activities on or off campus, are arrested, charged with criminal offenses, or who demonstrate that they are a detriment to the law enforcement setting WILL be removed from this program.