Mr. Steve Carson

Personal Information:

I graduated from Jonesboro High School in 1983 and Arkansas State University in 1987 with a degree in Personnel Management. I have taught 25 years for the Jonesboro Public Schools. I am a National Board Certified teacher in Career and Technical Education and have obtained an Apple Authorized Training Certificate in Final Cut Pro. I am married to Carla Carson and we have 2 children Blaine 23, and Erin 19.

Intro to Graphic Design:

This instructional program in the applied visual arts is a core course and prepares individuals to use artistic techniques to effectively communicate ideas and information to business and consumer audiences via illustrations and other forms of printed media. This is a core course in the program of study in Advertising and Graphic Design.

Intermediate Graphic Design:

This is a core course emphasizing the integration of computer skills and knowledge of software used in the market place.

Fundamentals of Audio/Video, Technology & Film:

This is the basic core course dealing with video and audio production aspects. Students will study the basics of film and television production as well as other forms of audio-video communication such as animation, graphics and sound (including music) production for video. They will study the history of Audio-Video Technology and Film as well as careers and skills necessary for employment in this pathway.

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                    School Phone:   870 933-5891