Mrs Raelyne Massey

Welcome to the World of Hospitality!

My name is Raelyne Massey and I am the Hospitality Management Instructor at the NEACTC. I have a BSE in Education, BS in Family Consumer Science, and a MSE in School Counseling. I am honored to share my knowledge of the hospitality industry with our students to allow them to be successful in the workforce.

2015-2016 Fall Schedule

 7:50-8:30  Introduction to Hospitality Sec 1
 8:30-9:15  Introduction to Hospitality Sec 2
 9:15-10:00  Introduction to Hospitality Sec 3
 10:00-10:45  Lodging Management Sec 1
 Lodging Management Sec 2
 11:30-12:10  Lunch
 12:10-12:55  Introduction to Hospitality Sec 4
 12:55-1:40  Lodging Management Sec 3
 1:40-2:25  Lodging Management Sec 4
 2:25-3:05  Conference Time

Raelyne Massey