Mr. Johnny Tierce

Hello My Name Is...

Johnny Tierce

First off, let me express how excited I am to be leading the Industrial Technology course this year.  I truly believe that the skills and knowledge that the students have access to will change themselves and our community in a positive manner.

I spent almost 25 years in the Navy on nuclear submarines.  I progressed through the nuclear electrical field as a technician, supervisor and department director.  The time was key in developing my training and teaching skills, one of my tours I taught electrical theory at Naval Nuclear Propulsion Training unit in upstate New York.  My Naval career allowed me to travel over the world, one of the common themes was lack of qualified maintenance technicians and managers.

I also spent time working in a steel mill as an Industrial Electrician.  There I performed maintenance and repairs on all types of electrical equipment including Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), motors, distribution centers and control circuits.  The latter part of my stint at the steel mill I was writing standard operating procedures for galvanizing line operators.  

My last job prior to starting at NEACTC was as a Facilities Manager at Frito Lay.  This position had me responsible for the electrical, air, hydraulic, water and sewer systems at the site.  Here I was able to use the knowledge of air compressors that I learned on submarines and apply them to increase the efficiency of the air systems.