UAV Drones Piloting


This is a pilot course study for UAV Drones. At the completion of the course the student will understand the current landscape of aviation regulations, flight safety, flight planning and flight simulators. Although we will not concentrate on the building of a drone, students will have an understanding of avionic, aeronautics and aerodynamics. They will understand how they fly, why they fly, and the electronic and radio systems they utilize. They will have knowledge of video production and drone service business models. They will gain experience piloting both recreational and commercial drones.

Finally, the ultimate goal of this class is to have students prepared to get their FAA certification as a commercially licensed UAV drone pilot. By the outcome of this semester students will be able to either pursue their passion for a career in this field, have a great credential for a university application to a major engineering college drone program or move to the head of the class in a US Air Force drone pilot program.