Industrial Technology

About Your Instructor

My name is Chase Smith and I am the Instructor of Industrial Technology.  I am NCCER certified as an instructor, Industrial Electrician, Instrumentation and Industrial Maintenance Mechanic. I have spent most of my career at Columbia Forest Products in Trumann Arkansas. At Columbia Forest Products I worked in all aspects of manufacturing.
Let me ask you a few questions:

1. Have you ever taken something apart just to see how it works?

2. Do you enjoy designing “stuff”?

3. Do robots interest you?

4. Are you taking Pre-Engineering classes?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then Industrial Technology IS the right program for you!

The Industrial Technology Lab at Northeast Arkansas Career & Technical Center is the best place to develop your skills and prepare yourself for a career.  Our course is designed so you can move through the modules at your own pace. As you work through the electrical and mechanical modules, we will complete cross studies in OSHA and Behavioral Safety, Industrial 4.0, Lean Manufacturing, and Quality Control Systems.

As we continue into the 4th Industrial Revolution, robots are becoming the most efficient way for manufacturers to compete in a world of high production demand.  Having the knowledge of basic mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatics will greatly increase your ability to maintain these robots.
Did you know that the demand for highly skilled equipment technicians and PLC Programmers is growing every day? That demand is so high and most companies now offer great starting salaries with excellent benefits.  And here is something else to consider; sometimes it’s not about money. The satisfaction of working with a team and accomplishing an amazing goal together can be just as rewarding.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via at Industrial Technology...let me introduce you to The power of Applied Intelligence!

Chase Smith

About Industrial Technology

One of the most sought-after skilled positions across Northeast Arkansas is for Industrial Technicians (technical maintenance skills).

Upon learning of this specialized need, NEACTC began discussions with NEA industrial partners to assess industry needs, develop focus skills, research existing programs of study across the state, align instruction (curriculum) to meet industry needs, and seek equipment to develop a program of study specifically designed to provide students with proficient skills prepared to enter the workplace in lucrative career positions.  Hence, the birth of Industrial Technology at NEACTC.

Industrial Technology provides training in basic electrical concepts, mechanical components, pneumatic and hydraulic components and operation, AC/DC motors,  variable speed drives and controllers, and beginning concepts in PLC troubleshooting and programming.

Industrial Technology is a two-year program of study.  If you are a sophomore, junior or senior, we have room for YOU.

Students seeking employment in high-paying positions in Northeast Arkansas capable of attaining high-levels of skills-based instruction are encouraged to apply for enrollment.  Hourly compensation to $25/hour awaits students possessing critical skills (attendance, punctuality, ability to cooperate effectively with peers and supervisors) and technical skills demonstration.

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​Certifications offered:  â€‹Fanuc Robot, NCCER Core, NCCER Industrial Maintenance