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Tech Connect

In the heart of Northeast Arkansas, the Northeast Arkansas Career and Technical Center (NEACTC) stands as a beacon of education, innovation, and community engagement. Tech Connect, one of its most exciting initiatives, serves as a bridge connecting local businesses and industries with NEACTC's talented students, creating a mutually beneficial relationship between the educational institution and the community. This program offers businesses the unique opportunity to explore the NEACTC campus firsthand, showcasing a commitment to transparency and collaboration in technical education and skill development.

At the core of Tech Connect is the goal of fostering student success by inviting businesses to actively participate in NEACTC's success, creating a pathway for students to interact with potential future employers. This engagement exposes students to real-world industry practices and allows them to build valuable connections within their chosen fields. The program serves as a platform for businesses to identify and recruit promising talent directly from the NEACTC student body, establishing a symbiotic relationship that benefits both parties and positions NEACTC as a crucial player in the local workforce development landscape. Tech Connect exemplifies the power of collaboration between educational institutions and local businesses, showcasing unparalleled opportunities for students and contributing to the development of a skilled and motivated workforce in Northeast Arkansas.

If you are a business in Northeast Arkansas and you are wanting to attend the next Tech Connect just simply fill out this form.  We would love to have you.