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How to Enroll

Meet Our Student Affairs Team

Sherry Bookout, Director of Student Affairs 

(870) 933.5891 ext. 28225

Office Hours:  7:35pm - 3:05pm

Step into the world of possibilities with Mrs. Sherry Bookout, the guiding star of the counseling universe at NEACTC!  With two decades of educational brilliance under her belt, she's the architect of dreams. 

Mrs. Bookout's journey began 20 years ago in the halls of Jonesboro Public Schools, where she worked her magic as a counselor at both Annie Camp and MacArthur Jr. High Schools.  But when she caught wind of NEACTC and its boundless opportunities, she knew her destiny was here – a counselor at the Career Center! 

Her proudest moment? Overseeing students as they conquer their CP Degrees in High School and simultaneously step into the world of college.  It's a symphony of achievement that she conducts with passion and pride.

With a BS in Business, BSE in Business Education, and an MSE in Guidance Counseling, Sherry is a true educational powerhouse.  And her superpower? Turning students' aspirations into tangible realities.

But wait, there's a sprinkle of fun too!  Mrs. Bookout's a devoted Grizzly Basketball games enthusiast and a coffee lover – talk about having a balanced game plan in life!

And when it comes to the motto, Mrs. Bookout's got the ultimate wisdom to share: "Dreams do come true, so Dream BIG!" Her presence at NEACTC is like a beacon of hope, leading students towards their grandest aspirations.

Enrolling in NEACTC

Prospective students eager to enroll in our esteemed programs are encouraged to initiate the process by scheduling a meeting with their dedicated home school counselor. This preliminary step is crucial to ensure that the student can seamlessly accommodate one of our programs within their existing schedule. Once this meeting is arranged, the home school counselor will collaborate with our esteemed Director of Student Affairs, Mrs. Bookout, to facilitate the student's inclusion in our roster.

For any inquiries regarding our comprehensive programs, concurrent credit options, certifications, or our state-of-the-art center, students are warmly invited to reach out to Mrs. Bookout via email. She will be more than delighted to provide the necessary assistance and guidance.