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Auto Service

Meet the Instructor

John Oberg, Auto Service Instructor

(870) 933.5891 ext. 28251

Office Hours:  2:25pm-3:05pm 

Ready to roll into the world of Auto Service?  Say hello to the one and only Mr. John Oberg, your guide to all things cars at NEACTC!  With an impressive 35 years under his belt in the auto industry, he's a true car wizard. 

From wrenching in the real world to sharing his knowledge in the classroom, Mr. Oberg's journey is like a road trip of expertise!  With 26 years spent at a Hyundai dealership, he's honed his skills to perfection.  Mr. Oberg's not just any car aficionado; he's a Master ASE certified. The cars might as well bow down when he's around.

What's it like having Mr. Oberg as an instructor? It's all about the perfect blend of fun and challenge. He's like a mechanic with a sense of humor, turning every lesson into an adventure under the hood. 

As for expectations, John's all about courtesy and behavior that shines like a freshly waxed car.  He wants you to cruise through his class with respect and great manners.

But let's not forget the fun part! When he's not in the garage, Mr. Oberg's out enjoying the great outdoors – camping trips and fishing escapades are his fuel for relaxation.

About Auto Service

We're proud to announce that our Automotive Service program has received prestigious accreditation by the National Automotive Technicians' Educational Foundation (NATEF) for automotive service excellence (ASE). In fact, we're the first training program in Arkansas to achieve this national recognition—talk about being at the forefront of automotive education!

When you join this program, you'll step into a world of hands-on learning in our cutting-edge facility. Picture yourself working in six fully equipped bays, where the latest diagnostic equipment awaits your skilled touch. But before you get to work, we prioritize your safety. Each year, you'll pass a proficiency exam to ensure that you're well-prepared for the hands-on experience in the bays. We take student safety very seriously at NEACTC.

Throughout the program, you'll master a range of essential tasks that will set you up for success in the automotive service industry. From brake repair to four-wheel alignment, wheel balancing to steering and suspension, you'll become an expert in these crucial areas. We provide you with the practical skills needed to excel in the field and make a real impact.

Here's the exciting part: We recommend each student to take the ASE student certification tests in multiple content areas. By successfully completing these tests, you'll earn national ASE certification—the golden ticket to launching a career in the automotive service industry. But that's not all. This certification also opens doors to pursue post-secondary college training and degree programs, expanding your horizons and propelling your educational journey. Plus, while enrolled at NEA Career & Tech Center, you have the opportunity to earn concurrent credits, getting a head start on your college education.

So, if you have a passion for cars, enjoy solving mechanical puzzles, and thrive in a hands-on environment, Automotive Service Technology is the perfect fit for you. Join us at NEA Career & Tech Center and unlock a world of endless possibilities in the automotive service industry. Your future is waiting—let's hit the road together!

What You'll Learn

Auto Service Fall 2023 Curriculum Map

Auto Service Spring 2024 Curriculum Map

Concurrent Credit

We are proud to announce that our Auto Service program has aligned with Arkansas State University - Newport to offer concurrent credit starting Spring 2024.  Articulated college credit is available at no cost to students through ASUN.  Enrolled students have the opportunity to receive up to 5 hours of college credit through our Auto Service program.  The current available college credit course is Automotive Suspension & Steering.  Concurrent credit goes alongside the student's classroom work which means no extra work! 


By taking our Auto Service course, you'll have the opportunity to obtain the following certifications: :  ASE student Certifications in Brakes, Steering & Suspension, Electrical Systems, Engine Performance, and MLR (Maintenance and Light Repair).