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Computer Networking

Glenn Hudspeth, Computer Networking Instructor 

(870) 933.5891 ext. 28230

Office Hours:  2:25pm - 3:05pm

Meet the Instructor

Step into the world of Computer Science at NEACTC, where the digital realm comes alive with Mr. Glenn Hudspeth!  With an impressive 27 years of education under his belt, he's the mastermind behind the keyboard. 

From German to English and now to the exciting land of Computer Science, Mr. Hudspeth's journey is a symphony of languages and technology.  Armed with degrees from the University of Alabama and the University of Kansas, he's not just about computers – German language, literature, and applied linguistics are also in his toolkit. His dissertation even proved that early social media interactions with foreign language speakers boost language acquisition – talk about a tech-savvy linguist! 

Mr. Hudspeth's global journey extends beyond the classroom, with a tech-packed resume filled with positions like computer and network technician, user support specialist, and business consultant. He's fluent not just in languages but also in programming: BASIC, Pascal, C, Java, Javascript, and Python! 

Starting his teaching journey in 2006, Mr. Hudspeth brought AI and natural language processing to English writing instruction – an early trailblazer of digital learning! 

Expectations? As clear as a line of code – hard work and preparation for the future! And if you're wondering what having him as an instructor is like, he'll tell you in German: "Es ist ja wunderbar!" 

When he's not shaping digital minds, Mr. Hudspeth's all about exploring the world. From Paris to Japan, Canada to Europe and beyond, he's left his digital footprint on many landscapes. And in his downtime? He's a true Renaissance man – fishing, camping, woodworking, photography, music, gardening, and feasting on the pleasures of life.

About Computer Networking

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating adventure into the captivating realm of computer technology at NEACTC! This class is a “flex credit” which means you take Computer Networking INSTEAD OF your required 3rd science or 4th science class!

As a CompTIA A+ Microsoft Academy, we offer an incredible opportunity for high school students to explore the field of Computer Science - Networking. Get ready to unlock a world of possibilities and set yourself up for a successful career in this rapidly evolving industry.

Computer Science - Networking is all about preparing you for exciting careers in computer technology. Throughout the course, you'll dive into the duties and tasks performed by professionals in the computer support field, gaining essential pre-employment and employment skills along the way. From constructing and troubleshooting computer systems to servicing and repairing them, you'll become a master of computer technology and its related components.

But that's not all—this course goes beyond hardware. You'll also learn how to install software and maintain local area networks (LAN), a skill that is crucial in today's interconnected world. Additionally, we prioritize your knowledge of security threats and equip you with the tools to protect against them. This knowledge is invaluable as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital security.

By joining our Computer Science - Networking program, you'll have the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in an industry that is constantly evolving. Whether you're passionate about problem-solving, fascinated by technology, or simply love exploring new horizons, this course will fuel your passion and open doors to a wide range of exciting career opportunities.

So, if you're ready to become a tech-savvy innovator, join us at NEA Career & Tech Center. Let's embark on a journey that will empower you with the skills and knowledge to thrive in the dynamic world of computer technology.

What You'll Learn

Computer Networking's 2023-24 Curriculum Map

Concurrent Credit

Articulated college credit is available at no cost to students through ASUN, Arkansas State University - Newport.  Enrolled students have the opportunity to receive up to 9 hours of college credit through our Computer Networking program.  The current available college credit courses are the following:  year 1 students- PC Troubleshooting and Repair I (3 hours); year 2 students- Intro to Networking Security (3 hours) and PC Troubleshooting and Repair II (3 hours).  Concurrent credit goes alongside the student's classroom work which means no extra work!


The certifications that we currently offer in our Computer Networking program are the following:  TestOut PC Pro, Network Pro, and CyberDefense Pro, CompTIA A+, CompTIA ITF+, and CompTIA Network+.