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Medical Professions

Meet the Instructors

Amanda Estes, RN, Medical Professions Instructor 

(870) 933.5891 ext. 28243

Office Hours:  2:25pm - 3:05pm

Meet Mrs. Amanda Estes, the heart of the Medical Professions program at NEACTC.  With an impressive 15 years in the industry and 5 years in education, she's a true healthcare hero. 

Mrs. Estes's journey is a tale of compassion and care, with 15 years of dedicated service in the acute care setting. From providing top-notch patient care to being a guiding light for new staff as a preceptor, her love for teaching bloomed. And guess where her passion led her? To NEACTC, where she's shaping the medical professionals of tomorrow! 

Certified in BLS, PALS, and ACLS, Mrs. Estes is a true expert in her field.  And with a Bachelor's in Nursing, she's got the perfect prescription for success. 

Having Mrs. Estes as your instructor? Get ready for a dose of fun infused with learning!  She's all about empowering you to reach your medical education goals while keeping the excitement levels high. 

Expectations are as clear as a medical chart: respect, honesty, and hard work are the foundations of Amanda's classroom. 

But that's not all – Mrs. Estes's more than just a medical maven. When she's not saving the day in the classroom, she's off on adventures, playing video games and board games, enjoying a swim, and creating memories with her family. 

So, if you're ready to join the ranks of medical professionals while having a blast, Mrs. Estes' class is the place to be!  Get ready to embark on a journey of learning, laughter, and limitless potential.

Ready to dive into the world of life-saving endeavors? Introducing Mr. Chris Ingle, one of the powerhouses behind Medical Professions at NEACTC!  With an impressive 20 years of industry experience, he's the superhero of healthcare education. 

Mr. Ingle's journey started with Fire and EMS in 2003, igniting a passion that would light his path for years to come.  From teaching fire and EMS-related classes to becoming a field training officer, he's all about turning learning into a firework display of fun and understanding. And when the stars aligned, he found his way to NEACTC, a platform to share his wealth of knowledge with the brightest minds in the community – the youth!  His energy, love for the industry, and dedication to helping others have found their perfect match. 

Certifications? Mr. Ingle's got 'em all! From being a National Registered Paramedic to a CPR/BLS instructor, he's a one-stop shop for healthcare know-how. 

What's it like having Mr. Ingle as your instructor? Get ready for an energetic, hands-on, and super fun ride through the world of medical professions!  He's not just teaching; he's a guiding star, helping you navigate the path between life and death with confidence. 

Expectations? It's all about a willingness to learn. Mr. Ingle knows that the skills you develop in his class could literally save lives someday. 

Beyond the medical world, Mr. Ingle is a vinyl record collector, a pottery enthusiast, and a master of mowing serenity.  And with 6 kids ranging from 27 to 6 years old, he's got a full plate of adventure and joy!

Chris Ingle, Medical Professions Instructor 

(870) 933.5891 ext. 28246

Office Hours:  2:25pm - 3:05pm

About Medical Professions

Are you prepared to dive headfirst into the thrilling realm of medical professions?  The Medical Professions course in the Health Science Technology program at the Career & Tech Center offers a unique and engaging learning experience in a project-based environment. It's your gateway to a rewarding health career!

As an introductory course, Medical Professions sets the stage for the Medical Procedures - CNA course of study. It is highly recommended for students in their second year of Health Science study. This course provides a solid foundation and prepares you for the exciting path ahead.

Get ready to experience a transformed learning environment in the Health Science Technology program. Recently renovated and expanded, our state-of-the-art classrooms and cutting-edge medical lab, equipped with the latest equipment and supplies, create the perfect setting for hands-on learning and skill development.

Through guest speakers who are professionals in various healthcare roles such as nurses, EMTs, paramedics, dental assistants, radiologists, home health aides, and medical industry managers, our Medical Professions course introduces you to a wide range of health care careers. These inspiring speakers provide valuable insights and firsthand experiences, giving you a glimpse into the vast opportunities available in the medical field.

With completion of the two-year course path, you'll be well-prepared for immediate employment in healthcare. The training and job skills you acquire throughout the program will give you a competitive edge and set you on the path to success in the medical industry.

So, if you're passionate about healthcare, eager to make a difference, and excited to explore the diverse world of medical professions, the Health Science Technology program at the Career & Tech Center is your launching pad. Join us and unlock a world of endless opportunities in the dynamic field of healthcare. Your future as a skilled and compassionate healthcare professional awaits!

What You'll Learn

Mrs. Estes's 2023-24 Curriculum Map for Foundations of Healthcare

Mrs. Estes's 2023-24 Curriculum Map for AP

Mr. Ingle's 2023-24 Curriculum Map

Concurrent Credit

Articulated college credit is available at no cost to students through ASUN, Arkansas State University - Newport.  Enrolled students have the opportunity to receive up to 4 hours of college credit through our Medical Professions program.  The current available college credit courses are the following:  Body Structure and Function (4 hours).  Concurrent credit goes alongside the student's classroom work which means no extra work!


The certifications that we currently offer in our Medical Professions program are the following: Heartsaver CPR, AED, First Aid, and National Registry Of Emergency Medical Technician - RESPONDER