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Meet the Instructor

Ray Sharp, UAS/Drones Instructor 

(870) 933.5891 ext. 28240

Office Hours:  2:25pm - 3:05pm

Get ready to take flight into the world of UAS/Drones with the one and only Mr. Ray Sharp at NEACTC!  With 5 years of drone wizardry and sky-high enthusiasm, he's the ultimate guide to the drone universe. 

Who'd thunk a Christmas drone gift for his son would lead Mr. Sharp down a path to teach at NEACTC, like a perfect landing pad for his passion!  Thanks to his Pastor's wife (who's also a JPS teacher and clearly knows a drone expert when she sees one), Mr. Sharp landed here and fell in love. Now he's all about sharing his drone zeal with every student and propelling them towards a sky-high drone career! 

Mr. Sharp’'s not just any drone enthusiast – he's got the FAA Trust Certificate and the FAA Part 107 License to prove his drone mastery.  And if you need proof of his awesomeness, CNN picked up his drone footage of the Wynne tornado destruction – talk about flying into the spotlight! 

Expect his class to be a blend of flying fun, outdoor excitement, and maybe a couple of hilarious Dad jokes thrown in!  Ray's here to make sure you're not only navigating the skies but also breezing through your FAA Part 107 certification journey. 

As for expectations, honesty, effort, communication, and mutual respect are the coordinates to success in Mr. Sharp's world.  And here's a fun twist: he's a master at mimicking farm animal sounds, especially the rooster's crow – a true talent that's bound to bring a smile to your face!

About UAS/Drones

Get ready to take flight, pun intended, in the captivating world of drones with our pilot course study in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) at NEACTC! This cutting-edge program will provide you with an exhilarating journey into the realm of drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Systems.

Throughout this course, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the current aviation landscape, including regulations, flight safety, flight planning, and flight simulators. While the course will not focus on building drones, you'll still develop a strong foundation in avionics, aeronautics, and aerodynamics. You'll gain insights into how drones fly, why they fly, and the electronic and radio systems they utilize. Additionally, you'll acquire knowledge in video production and explore the various business models associated with drone services. Most importantly, you'll gain hands-on experience in piloting both recreational and commercial drones, taking your skills to new heights.

The objective of the UAS course is to prepare you to pass the FAA part 107 certification while in high school, which is required for becoming a commercially licensed UAV drone pilot and receiving compensation for your piloting services. This certification will also open countless doors to exciting career opportunities in the field of drones, allowing you to pursue your passion or even gain credentials for university applications to major engineering colleges with drone programs. Furthermore, it positions you as a top candidate for prestigious programs such as the US Air Force drone pilot program, where you can truly soar to new heights.

By the end of this course, you'll be equipped with the skills, knowledge, and certification necessary to pursue a career in the drone industry, further your education at renowned engineering colleges, or even excel in specialized drone pilot programs. Your future in the world of drones starts here, and the sky's the limit!

So, if you're fascinated by the potential of drones, eager to explore the possibilities of this emerging field, and ready to embrace an exciting future, our UAS course is the perfect choice for you. Join us and take off on an exhilarating adventure in the world of drones. Your journey to becoming a skilled and licensed drone pilot awaits!

What You'll Learn

UAS Drones's 2023-24 Curriculum Map

Concurrent Credit

Unfortunately, our UAS/Drones program does not offer any concurrent credit at this time.  We hope to align soon!  Follow us on social media for updates.


By taking our UAS/Drones course, you'll have the opportunity to obtain the following certifications:  FAA Part 107, Remote Pilot Airman Certificate and FAA TRUST.